System Certificate
100% electrical test and AOI Inspection
  • Compliance with IPC-6012A qualification and performance specification for rigid circuit board
  • Compliance with IPC-A-600 G circuit board acceptance criteria
  • In line with European PERFAG2E, 3C PCB standards
  • In line with printed circuit boards UL and CUL certification standards
  • Compliance with ROHS
  • Compliance with UL796 printed circuit board safety standards
  • ISO9001: 2008 certification
  • UL and CUL certification
  • UL certification Number: E468793
  • SGS certified suppliers
Quality Principle:
Quality policy:
  • To create high quality of product
  • To provide fast response service
  • To work with integrity
  • To improve continuously, meet and exceed customer’s needs
Management Target:
  • Customer complaint
  • Qualified rate of finished disposable
  • Defective fraction
  • On-time delivery
  • Customers’ satisfaction