Compensation And Benefit

1, Our company provide free accommodation and free diet which are offered in our large staff canteen. Meal standard:20RMB per day. Meanwhile, you can enjoy our 100% food subsidies in our staff canteen.

2, Employee can enjoy high temperature allowance, rent allowance, year-end bonus, pay holiday and other benefits.

3, Our company offer free health check, purchase five one insurance fund(endowments insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation funds)for employee. Also buy Personal Accident Insurance on employee benefit.

4, We will evaluate the month of employee and the year of employee, cash bonus and travel as the rewards.

5, Basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis or karaoke and some entertainment activities will be held from time to time to create the atmosphere of “campus” and “family”.

6, Our company have a sound training system and customize the train plan for each employee  for their future development. Open the skill level assessment each year. Certification will be issued to employee who pass the assessment, meanwhile, they can get 50-500RMB as rewards each month.

7, Birthday person will have special gift at that day.

8, Various train, study and promotion opportunities, certain pay holiday every year. The senior management and leader are all select from the best employee.

9, Company stipulate the policy accordance with the “Labor Law” strictly, will do some adjustment about the salary yearly for the employee, adjustment range is  100-500RMB.